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  • What is an FAQ section? Frequently Asked Questions
    I will try to answer the questions that come up most frequently. This page will evolve as I will enhance it over time and as you ask questions. If you have any other questions that are not covered here, feel free to send me a message!
  • When and How will I receive the Photos?
    You will receive the photos pre-selected by me and edited via a link and password to view them on my Private and Secure Gallery 2/3 weeks (at the latest) after the session. From there it is you who will choose your photos among all, according to the formula chosen. All photos are delivered in HD (high definition), allowing you optimal printing even on large formats.
  • Can we change outfits during the shoot?
    Yes of course 2/3 more if you wish. You can also take accessories such as jewelry, hats, bags, pareo, sunglasses etc
  • I would like a quote for my wedding photos. How to do ?
    By contacting me by email and detailing the date, the place and especially at which stage(s) of the wedding you want to memorize this unique day. Example: Preparations, beauty, putting on the wedding dress, the town hall, traditional ceremony, the meal, the evening... I also offer a pre- or post-wedding session with your wedding outfits at the location of your choice. The advantages : immortalize your wedding outfits in a place that suits you and without the pressure of D-Day. Relax and have fun! At the same time, you can send a thank you card for the post-session / or your announcements for the pre-session, with one of his photos.
  • Are the photos retouched?
    All the photos are re-worked by me, my eye, my universe. I do not deliver any photo in Raw format and do not accept that my photos be retouched in any way (Framing, Colorimetry...) whether by you or by a third party.
  • Are the portrait sessions done outdoors or in the studio?
    I only shoot my photos outdoors at the location of your choice on the island of Mo'orea.
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